Emotional Intelligence Activator (EIA)

While high EI skills may come more easily to naturally empathetic people, anyone can develop them. Less empathetic people just have to practice being more self-aware and conscious of how they interact with others. By utilizing these steps, you’ll be well on your way to an increase in your emotional intelligence level.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an individual’s ability to

  • perceive, understand, and master their own emotions, thought patterns and behaviours.
  • accurately interpret the emotions, thought patterns and behaviours of others.
  • show insight into the impact of their actions and interactions.
  • adapt their responses for maximum positive influence in relationships, organizations and the world.
Tall trees

Tall Trees Profiles has personality profiles and workshops for:

  • Adults (18+)
  • Teens (12+)
  • Parents
  • Kids (3+)

We train facilitators to bring growth to individuals, families, teams, companies, schools and non-profits.

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YourEmpoweredPotential offers a variety of online, self-paced interactive learning and growth solutions on emerging technologies, business building, ethics, leadership and personal development.  These solutions are supported by on-the-go member engagements such as blogposts, podcasts and social media interventions.

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What else do we offer?



  • Engage with like-minded people on various topics as presented by experienced coaches.
  • Diverse professionals – with a shared passion for personal and professional development.
  • Our sessions are practical and contain easy-to-follow, step-by-step implementation strategies.

Boot Camps

  • Come and engage with us on a unique 12 day journey where you will receive a toolkit filled with various EI development tools to activate your EI genes.
  • Unique and insightful Emotional Intelligence resources.
  • Join a community of EI users to share your learning experience with.

Annual EIA Membership (Level 1)

  • EIA coaching program success path leads you step-by-step through a detailed Emotional intelligence development program.
  • Weekly content loaded with workbooks to enhance learning and reflection containing action guides, top tips, infographics, articles and videos.
  • User friendly mobile application to access your content on-the-go.
  • Reflection exercises – designed to ensure transformation and skills transfer.
  • EI application of the Tall Tree Types that are not like you, for greater insight into all basic types.
  • Exclusive access to the team of EI experts on the member page on Facebook for feedback and 1:1 support.
  • Complimentary monthly Masterclass on Facebook presented by guest speakers with expert input on EI topics.
  • Live monthly Q&A sessions to clarify your questions.
  • Annual EIA conference

EIA Trainer (Level 2)

  • Work with individuals (adults/ teens/ parents) in a coaching capacity, using their Tall Trees reports as the basis for your coaching.
  • Purchase resources from Tall Trees Profiles to become better equipped for the supervised use of TTP reports.
  • Access and right of use to a professionally created EIA PowerPoint & resources.
  • Access to & selling of the EI Activator (% profit per EIA sold).
  • Coach persons based on their EIA knowledge gained through the membership.
  • Coach persons through their EI Activator report.
  • Become an Affiliate for the EIA membership – earn an affiliate fee when a referral subscribes to the membership.

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Our team

Hettie Brittz

As the author of the tree type personality model, my passion is helping people discover and live their purpose.

Annatjie van Zyl

There is nothing more rewarding than helping people gain insight into themselves and others. “We are our own best assets.” – Tim Modise

Lynette Berger
CA(SA), MCom. SA, Int. Tax

I encourage professionals from all walks of life, to help them find their YES and to help build a solid foundation on which leaders can influence positively and make a lasting difference both in business and life. 

Mandie Wentzel
CA(SA), MCom. Auditing

As a CA(SA), I am passionate about responsible leadership, and dedicate my time and energy to igniting the same passion in others.

What our clients say

Click on the below videos to hear what our members say about the EI Activator

Hannelle Bester

Daréll Gerber

Anja Bronkhorst

Corné Human

“I became aware for the first time in a way like I haven’t been before, of myself, of my defaults, of my unique characteristics, and of my potential.”

“For the first time in my life, I actually realized my worth and that I was a lot more valuable than I could ever think. It changed my outlook on life completely. For the first time I am pursuing my dreams because I know I can, and I deserve it.”

“Along the way I just had so much hope and I learned so many new social and emotional skills, regarding conflict management, stress management, it’s just such a blessing to understand everybody’s temperament, and to find practical ways to apply management skills.”

“The EIA really made a big impact on my life. And what I like about the EIA is the different styles of the presenters. You are never bored, there is always something new and I love the way the lessons are structured.”